Terms & Conditions

    • Any and all monies collected are 100% non-refundable.
    • Please understand that we are offering you a no credit check loan at a low down and monthly payment. We expect you as the Purchaser to TAKE PRIDE IN OWNERSHIP. These homes are ‘As-Is Fixer Uppers’. You MUST have seen the inside and outside of the home before signing the contract. *You are viewing these homes at your own risk. Not all homes are safe.
    • Payments MUST be made on or before the first day of the month to avoid the 10% late fee.
    • If you fail to pay the entire monthly amount owed within 30 days of the due date plus the late fee the property can be considered abandoned therefore reclaimed and resold, on that 30th day.
    • There is a monthly $75.00 “NO Insurance Fee” that is applied until you provide your own Insurance Policy as discussed in your Lease.
    • All parties hereby agree and acknowledge that the Seller/Lessor has explained and disclosed to the Buyer/Lessee that said property may have been obtained as a result of foreclosure or tax sale, that the Seller/Lessor has not inspected, more than likely has never seen, or been to the property, and that little or no verified information may be available.  Said property is being presented, represented, and conveyed in AS IS condition. It is the Buyer/Lessor’s responsibility to complete all due diligence necessary to determine the condition, habitability, usability, accessibility, zoning, location, market value, or investment value of said property prior to transferring any funds to the Seller/Lessor.  It is and has been highly recommended that the Buyer/Lessee personally inspect and/or arrange for a designate to physically inspect the property as well as verify with all appropriate parties that the status of potential property charges, including but not limited to real estate taxes, home owner association fees, county/city ordinances, and other encumbrances.  No guarantees are or have been expressed or implied.  Any and all statements made by the Seller/Lessor are subjective, and do not release the Buyer/Lessee from their responsibility to perform due diligence, or from their responsibility to fulfill the terms of the above mentioned lease or purchase agreement. Buyer/Lessee hereby acknowledge and confirm that they have either, inspected the property and conducted due diligence to their own satisfaction, or waived their right to do so by transferring funds to the Seller/Lessor and/or entering into the above mentioned Lease, Purchase Agreement, and/or Option Agreement.
  • Buyer’s are required to do their OWN Due Diligence/Inspection on all properties.