Management Services

For Buyers:

  • Providing a Hassle Free Step by Step Purchasing Process that Anyone can Follow.
  • Guaranteed Seller Financing.
  • Zero Credit Checks.
  • No Loan Organization Fee’s.
  • No Closing Cost’s to the buyer.
  • No Balloon Notes.
  • No Pre-payment Penalties.
  • Low Down Payments.
  • Reasonable Monthly Payments.
  • Lease Option/Purchase
  • Homes can be Remodeled as Buyer Desires.
  • Foreclosures often Available Below Market Value.
  • No Required Appraisal Fee’s.
  • No Mortgage Insurance Required.
  • Available to both Owner/Occupants and Investors.
  • Down Payments can be Funded by your Own Savings, a Gift, a Grant, a Loan from a Non-profit Organization, State/Local Government or an Employer.

For Sellers:

  • Making it Hassle Free for you to Sell your Property.
  • Managing a Listing of your Property on our Website.
  • Forms, Contracts, Notices, Applications and Logs.
  • Intake Purchase Requests and handle Contracts.
  • Provide Email Response Services.
  • Ensure Accurate Record Keeping.
  • Process Fee’s and all Notices.